Common Autumn Causes for Back Pain to Avoid

Rake next to pile of fallen autumn leaves on green garden lawn, shallow depth of field


We are about halfway through the summer season, which means autumn is just around the corner. Although the cooler temperatures may begin to dip, your chances of experiencing back pain may go up. Whether it’s due to a particular activity, lack of activity, or how your body responds to colder temperatures, it’s important to be aware of these back pain issues so you can avoid them when you can. If you require additional assistance or begin to experience extreme back pain or other symptoms, you might want to also consider visiting a neurosurgeon like James K. Kaufman, MD.


Falling Leaves Could Potentially Equal Back Pain


The leaves begin to fall in the autumn months, which create an aesthetically-pleasing setting, but you’ll have to rake those leaves eventually. If you aren’t used to bending and twisting remember to stretch beforehand. In addition to that, always remember to keep proper form and take breaks when you need to.


Remember to Get Off the Couch


As the temperatures get cooler, the temptation to stay inside grows. This is coupled with fall programming (Walking Dead fans anyone?) and, of course, the return of football. Since it’s so easy to stay inside on the couch and eat/drink more, you’ll need to make an effort to get out there and exercise. The stronger your core muscles, the less likely you’ll injure them. Of course, if you haven’t exercised in a while, be sure to go slow to not cause or aggravate an injury.


Cold Weather Could Increase Back Pain


Did you now that the cold air can cause a drop in barometric pressure? This could in return put added pressure on joints, especially if you have experienced a prior injury. In order to avoid this, remember to dress warm and apply heating pads to any sensitive areas that are particularly painful. If the pain becomes persistent or extreme, again, don’t hesitate to visit a doctor.