Lifting Heavy Could Be Bad for the Back – Even When You’re Young

Image of a young man having a back pain while sitting at the working desk

Are you the type who is always willing to help a friend with their move? Remember to know your limits and get a basic understanding of how to lift properly before you attempt to move heavy items. If you can, try wearing a back brace and bringing basic moving equipment as well – especially if you’re lifting awkward items or going up and down steps. This is the best way to ensure you don’t incur a back injury.


Now if you’re younger, you may not worry about back injuries as much. You’ve never felt back pain before and, even if you get injured, you’ll be able to recover much more quickly than you would when you reach middle age. Unfortunately, there are some consequences when you lift heavy items incorrectly at a young age. According to one Finnish study, young people who reported lifting things said that they suffered back pain when asked again twenty years later.


It appears that this behavior, over time, could weaken muscles or trigger an injury that will only become present later in life. Therefore, young individuals who participate in activities where they have to lift heavy items or are employed at a place where they must perform physically demanding tasks should take special precaution to ensure they do not suffer from debilitating back pain later in life.


In addition to lifting correctly and using the right equipment, young individuals should also try to maintain a physical regimen outside of the job. That way, their body is more used to the rigors of the job or an activity like moving. If you do begin to suffer from back pain of any kind, remember that most back pain is not permanent. Consult James K. Kaufman, MD today to schedule a consultation.